Damilare Onajole Thoughts on self and society

Efiko Identity, We are Efikos not geeks nor are we nerds

As a new knowledge-oriented renaissance crops up among Nigerian youths, we need to draw a line between who a nerd, a geek and an Efiko is. Nerds are basically people of rare intelligence above average. Geeks on the other hand, are people deeply rooted and a specific field, notably Computer Science. However one thing geeks and nerds have in common is there social reclusiveness, or as perceived by the ‘normal’ people.

Normal people believe nerds and geeks care less about money, business, parties, and other important social elements. To make matters worse, there is a stereotype for which nerds or geeks are known for. Do a search in Google Image for the word ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ and the result might shock you, or perhaps make you laugh. This stereotypical attitude towards nerds and geeks, despite their contributions to humanity and development sets me in two different modes. One, explain who an Efiko is, so we can differentiate them from the stereotypical nerds and geeks. Two, diss those who diss geeks, nerds and probably Efikos too!

Efiko, started in my secondary school days, and was derived from its cousin, Efiwe. Efiwe etymologically means Efi - Iwe, Efi means Blast, Iwe means Book. So Efiwe means someone who blasts books, or exams in class, the avid savants. This was converted into Efiko, for it sounds smooth on the lips of the funky! Efiwe therefore differs from nerd and geeks, not only from it geographical roots (Nigeria), but from its etymology. Efiko are simply people who are very comfortable with reading or learning to excel. People who are passionately hardworking about what they do.

It will be very hard to place a stereotype around Efikos, because they cut across disciplines. They are also very smart and flexible set of people. You meet them in the poshest of social circle, at the same time where strong ideas boil! One other important reason Efikos cannot be the stereotypical geeks is because they are Nigerians. Did I here you scream? lol. Yes, Nigerians are the happiest people on earth, the most fashion conscious set of people, so tell me how a geek can survive social reclusiveness here in Naija! This is why I disagree with Tunji Afonja for calling himself an African Nerd and an Efiko at the same time.

Come to think of it, geeks and nerds deserve more respect. That LCD screen you read my post from, or a computer monitor couldn’t have been there without a geeky attitude to life! I am sure you’d love one of more from iPods, Smart Phones, Posh Cars, Good Life…name it. All these you get courtesy, nerds and geeks. You know how much you envy their IQ, how you wish you are not this dumb! Hey, take a pinch from their lifestyle and you might be a better breed. No Apologies

So don’t call me a geek or a nerd, when else you see me, you’ve met another Efiko